The Improve® Toothbrush features a state of the art patented DEEP V-GROOVE design that makes it easier for any user to correctly position the bristles in the teeth at a 45º angle..... SIMPLY and AUTOMATICALLY!

This proven method, recommended by the AMERICAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION provides for the most effective means of plaque removal and helps fight gum disease.

PERSONALLY RECOMMEND the Improve® Toothbrush to your customers! They’ll be back for repeat purchases at your store!

Excellent Gross Profit!

This compact display contains
only “best selling” bristle types.
(NOTE: new blister backed cards not shown,
that allow your customers to see the benefits)

Not sold in any major drug chains
or discount stores.


Improve® Counter Display "A"
Each prepacked counter display contains:

12 each

 - #38383 Soft/Adult

12 each

 - #38384 Gentle/Adult

6 each

 - #38385 Soft/Compact

6 each

 - #38386 Gentle/Compact

Suggested retail price range:

$3.49 - $3.69

Standard display cost:

$68.04 ($1.89 ea.)

Freight: Prepaid/Ground

Terms: Net 30 days (credit card payments accepted)

PLEASE CALL 1-800-443-6743 to place your order.